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 Pain relief without side effects.

All-natural medicated products.

A company that cares about you.

That's who we are!

Inspired by Health

Our Story

We've spent many years developing quality natural products in the San Francisco area.

With the changing times, we are excited to bring you that same quality with the

added benefits of cannabis/hemp/CBD.

We'd love to talk to you about the science of why...

Until you talk to us...ask our current users how much they love our products.

..or even better! Try them for yourself and know how

Sacred Sun Topicals make life better.

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Sacred Sun Topicals 

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Our Customers' Testimonials!

"My dad said to tell you THANK YOU soooo much....the swelling in his hands went down and the pain in his hand and back is going away..He said he can now make a fist and is ready to fight! lol"



San Francisco CA United States

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